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Friday, Aug 07
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Energy efficiency is more than just a buzz word, it is a paradigm shift where businesses, government and organisations are becoming conscious about energy usage. And most businesses often feel the hardest hit by their utility bills. Since most businesses have multiple sites it becomes even more difficult in terms of accuracy and cost to deploy manpower to manage, more so in crisis such as a pandemic like the COVID-19. Energy blindness and bill shocks are common and can affect any type business, large or small.

 This is where Energy Management tools help businesses handle such problems.

Resync empowers users to take control into their own hands. An intelligent energy management technology and Internet of Things platform, Resync allows users to remotely monitor and control their electricity through a dashboard. Our company aims to provide the missing piece in the current energy ecosystem by solving the inherent difficulties of rising energy costs. Instead of waiting to receive a monthly or even quarterly bill to monitor various sites, Resync allows you to see the electricity you’re using, when you’re using it. That way, you’re not left in the dark, and know exactly what to expect and can take measures to cut back.

Resync’s platform allows users to synchronise multiple energy generation sources, measure and analyse multiple sites in a single platform.

Whether you have solar, batteries, or meters, Resync reads your information to give an in-depth look at your business’s energy usage. Our deep analytics provide you insights and recommendations by using heat maps, performance comparison, trend evaluation services etc.. All these can be accessed with few clicks and remotely. It not only reduces scope of error, but also makes energy management and efficiency cost effective.


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