How Singapore is moving towards a smart nation?

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Thursday, Dec 17
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Singapore is known for its harmonious mixture of cultures, traditions, its buildings which possess rich history and stories. We used to see trishaws along Bugis and Chinatown, students carrying heavy school bags to school, people standing by the roadside to hail taxis, people queuing almost everywhere to get their food or tickets.

As Singapore progresses in its national development, what we see are e scooters, smart notepads, private hire apps, QR codes, e-payment methods. Be it through public education or training conducted by employers, Singapore has consistently been improving itself by bringing in technologies and methods to improve the nation’s efficiency and productivity. Universities are also always coming up with new creative ideas and innovations to help support the Government’s vision to make Singapore a smart nation.

We used to think that driverless vehicles are impossible and unsafe, but we now have them on our roads. We used to carry around wallets and cards to make purchases, but we now only need our smart phone wherever we go. We used to travel long distances to places to attend appointments or meetings, but now we only need to turn on our laptop to accomplish the same tasks.

Singapore has always strived to position itself as a world class city with people who are well-equipped with knowledge and skills. This will not be possible without the introductions and constant innovations of smart technologies to enhance people’s lives and performances of companies.

In this decade, Singapore will see even more changes the way it runs as a nation. Home based schooling, working-from-home, purchasing groceries through mobile applications, viewing properties through virtual tours and many more e-practices will now become a norm in Singapore.


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