How to make buildings more energy-efficient using AI

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Friday, Aug 07
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When asked how to be energy efficient, most people reply to turn off the lights, removed plugged phone/laptop chargers etc. If you ask a professional, you’ll be asked to switch to energy-efficient equipment and especially change your lights to LEDs. The state-of-art energy management devices provide an overview of one’s electricity demand and general methods on changing to efficient loads, automatic lighting based on hours. All these do help you to become more energy efficient but they are mostly standalone events. ‘How can we make energy efficiency scalable’ is a question we ask ourselves every day at Resync.

The grid and buildings are evolving faster than ever, with localized generation using solar on their rooftops, electric vehicles in their parking, dynamic pricing from the grid, and a ton of data that can be collected without knowing how it can be utilized. The more troublesome thing is one user is seldom the same as another.

This is where Resync comes in and solves the problem with a simple goal in mind. We figure out how to run a customer’s energy system at the lowest cost possible while maintaining reliability and sustainability (when/if applicable). We take into account your energy assets, both generating like solar and battery and consuming like air-conditioning and electric vehicles, grid pricing, and your appetite to keep your energy supply carbon neutral/negative. Our machine learning algorithms figure out your evolving consumption patterns and run it through an optimization algorithm to run your electrical systems at optimal cost and energy-efficiency. Using our on-ground real-time control, we provide action on the insights generated by the machine learning algorithms. And all of this can be visualized and analyzed from our platform.

The Resync platform can seamlessly integrate data from our hardware as well as other data sources over FTP server and APIs. This data is cleaned, analyzed using our data science and ML tools to provide the user with the right insight and actions. Some of our key features include automated reporting, predictive maintenance, forecast of load and solar energy, and real-time analytics into your data.

Talk to us to know more, how can we make you more energy efficient. To get a deeper and visual insight into our working, check out this talk I gave at the Microsoft Tech Community APAC Online conference as part of She Loves Tech community.


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