IoT and Smart Metering

Intelligent Platform for IoT and Advanced Metering Infrastructure

With continued advancements in IoT adoption, companies race to assemble the moving parts within the digital ecosystem. Given the sheer complexity of IoT, it is not uncommon to overlook the important elements of the equation for a successful IoT architecture. While most efforts are concentrated on the obvious components, i.e. smart devices, connectivity and cloud analytics, a major (albeit neglected) piece of the IoT puzzle is actually in device management.

Resync’s IoT device management platform offers simplified provisioning, centralised management and real-time insights into all current devices and integrations to help companies stay on top of their IoT deployment. Coupled with a robust and scalable wireless solution, Resync allows you to seamlessly expand your IoT network and solutions at minimal cost and complexity.

Smart City IoT
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Analytics platform for IoT & Sensor Visualisation

Real-time visibility into incoming performance data, sensors and alarm messages from individual nodes
resync smart metering

Create digital twin of multiple IoT devices

Gain a view into all current integrations and applications from a single window to streamline entire IoT projects

resync smart metering

Secure & Reliable cloud based usage analysis

A versatile solution for simple integration with any backend systems, whether on-premises or on the cloud
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Customised reports & performance analytics

Generate customised reports with in-depth analysis and performance graphs with a single click of a button

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Be energy efficient today

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