Kabilan Anbukani (KA) is an IoT engineer working primarily on data collection and storage. As he finishes his internship with us, we caught up to reflect on his experience at Resync. 

Let’s start by introducing what you worked on.

KA: I was an IoT engineer and I worked on data collection, data storage and I even got the opportunity to work with APIs. That is the best thing about working in a startup. I got to work in various fields.

So, how would you summarise your role in 3 words?

KA: Internet Of Things (haha)

Hahah, smart! What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done at Resync?

KA: Working on the APIs was the most exciting thing that I had done. I had zero clue on how to achieve my task but once I did it, I felt a sense of achievement

That does sound powerful! Can you tell us more about that, and about how you grew professionally in these months?

KA: When I first started in Resync, I did not have much experience in data storage and APIs. I had only worked on modbus earlier. But over the course of my internship I learnt a lot on BACnet, data storage using sqlite as well as API calls. Since I worked as a group with 3 people, I learnt the importance of teamwork and the weekly presentations helped me present my thoughts in a coherent and informative way. Overall, I feel like the internship experience helped me grow professionally.

It seems that teamwork was a central aspect of your learning experience. What were your favorite aspects of being part of the Resync team?

KA: The colleagues at Resync are awesome and welcoming. The random chats that you occasionally have at the office and during lunch are so much fun.

Can you share with us what you will remember the most of this experience?

KA: Mala Mondays, Team events like game cafes and virtual murder mysteries and the workplace culture at Resync!

Awesome! Coming back to the workplace culture, why did you choose to join a startup?

KA: I personally feel startups provide a great opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in various fields. You get more responsibilities and independence in projects that you work on and your work is also impactful.

Last but not least, what do you think are the keys to success as an engineer?

KA: As we all know, technical skills are very important to be successful at any job. From my internship I have realized that having a good set of soft skills is equally or if not more important than having technical skills. Knowing how to present one’s ideas is very important in a job.

That’s all I have today. Thank you so much for your time, for all your contributions to the team, and for your enthusiasm ALWAYS. We hope to see you back with us soon!

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