Terry Tay (TT) joined Resync through SGInnovate’s Infinity program as a Software Engineering Intern. As his internship is coming to an end, we caught up with him to discuss his experience and what it was like being part of the team.

Let’s start with something easy. What did you work on?

TT: I worked mainly on the UI/UX to translate designs into code. Apart from that, I was involved in the API migration which involves the frontend and backend codebase. At times, I proposed several beneficial ideas such as state management and token-based security to our web solutions. I also worked on creating a new email digest microservice which is used to send timely data driven emails to clients.

Sounds like you were busy! What 3 words would best describe what you did at Resync?

TT: Create, Transform, Learn.

About your last pick… What did you learn? How did you grow professionally?

TT: I learnt a lot of technical skills but that is not the main point. What I found most valuable was learning how to learn. This enables me to quickly adapt in a fast paced environment, especially in software engineering. Apart from that, I grow professionally through the daily interactions with my colleagues, be it during work or after work. I learnt how to communicate my ideas with the best intention to all parties.

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done in Resync?

TT: Creating UI/UX code that looks exactly the same as the design.

That must have felt very rewarding. What will you remember most fondly of the last few months?

TT: I will remember the tea and drinks sessions with my colleagues. These little times are the most valuable amidst the time spent drowning in codes.

Since it seems that your colleagues were a fundamental piece of your internship, what were your favorite aspects of being part of the team?

TT: The team is open to suggestions, objections and criticisms professionally without taking it personal. This allowed us to work well together.

Awesome! And what were the highlights of being part of a startup?

TT: There are several. At Resync, I have been exposed to many opportunities and learning which might not have been possible in a mature company. I was given the freedom to explore on my own for a given task instead of following explicit instructions. That enabled me to greatly improve my skills as a software engineer. Apart from that, I had to shoulder a greater responsibility for the tasks assigned to my team. This is mainly due to the small composition of the frontend team given the nature of a startup. As my first internship, working at a startup has allowed me to pick up a myriad of skills in a fast manner.

Finally, what do you think are the important traits to succeed as a Software Engineer?

TT: Open mindset, strong core concepts, work life balance.

Thanks for sharing with us Terry! All the best for the next adventure!

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