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Intelligent Energy Management Solutions
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Energy Cloud Platform

Renewable Energy Assets

Manage your renewable assets with Resync’s Intelligent SaaS platform that brings the power of realtime monitoring, production KPIs, AI based analytics, power forecasting graphs and smart customised reporting based on the asset performance
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Building Energy Management

Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) are one of the emerging technologies that enable an organisation to collect real-time information on the Buildings’ energy use through monitoring and optimising overall energy usage
industrial energy management

Industrial Energy Management

Based on real-time data monitoring, Resync solution allows users to aggregate industrial energy consumption patterns, accurately evaluate energy costs, and optimise energy efficiency, aiding smart business intelligence strategies

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Solar & Wind Analytics

Generation Side Management solutions for Solar, Wind, Battery, GenSets, Grid etc.

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Demand / Response

Smart solutions for systems with multiple energy sources and variable tariffs
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IoT and Smart Metering

Integration of various IoT devices and smart meters to perform real-time analytics

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Smart Buildings

Full facility management solution for smart buildings with DERs and IoT devices

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EV and Mobility

Smart charging solution for efficient and optimised electric vehicles management
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Cell & Telcom Tower

Real-time management of telecom tower sites for efficient site usage

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