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Energy management is the focus of attention for many companies across all industries who want to reduce their operational costs. Four core general principles apply for all of them:

1. Collecting and analysing energy assets data,

2. Identifying opportunities to save energy,

3. Taking real time optimisation actions,

4. Tracking the progress and ongoing performance.

At Resync, we have developed an intelligent energy management system, tapping on machine learning and data analytics to maintain system reliability and cost efficiency because we are committed to supporting clients in integrating renewables and IoT devices. We help them ensure that this transition towards a more sustainable and efficient future happens smoothly, without affecting the reliability of their system.

But, how do we do it? In this series of posts, we will go through each of our six solutions. The first instalment of the series dives into the first one, Solar & Wind Analytics.

Today renewable energy asset owners face the challenge of having multiple projects from different suppliers and, in some cases, across different technologies. The data from these projects is spread across many different systems making it difficult to manage. To drastically drop prices of renewables and advance digital technologies, there is an urgent need to shift these complex energy systems and current centralised energy infrastructure towards new models of distributed or decentralised energy generation and consumption.

Resync’s Energy Analytics solution provides a common platform for all on-shore solar and wind assets. This becomes a powerful tool for users to view information on all their assets from a single device, so the control of their portfolio is back to them.

Users can connect any renewable asset to our system and immediately start automatic collection of the necessary data from their solar plant or wind farm. At the touch of their fingertips, users can aggregate all sites on a single platform, tap onto Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to achieve enhanced analytics and forecasting, rely on predictive maintenance and a ticketing system and customise reports and facility notifications.

Our solar & wind analytics solution includes four exclusive features:

1. A web- and mobile-based user interface: A tool that provides access to various sites with distributed energy assets and components, regardless of OEM on any device; 

2. Portfolio overview: Real-time monitoring of entire portfolio with generation, availability, events and component metrics allows users to instantly monitor their portfolio performance; 

3. Multiple sites comparison: Real-time comparison of energy generation and consumption behaviour at the various sites within the same portfolio;

4. Individual site overview: Real-time monitoring of a single site with generation, availability, events and component metrics allows users to instantly monitor their site performance.

Our clients from India to Singapore have already started saving money and resources and contributing to a greener future by preventing CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. Their success has pushed them to scale our energy management solution to other sites so they can monitor all their assets under the same platform and arrange predictive maintenance and facility management accordingly. 

From reporting to forecasting, we provide a complete renewables Energy Management Solution, including measurement, automation, logic, and performance management for all devices across all platforms in real time.

Contact us and start maximising uptime, meeting revenue commitments, optimising asset life, and fine tuning performance! 

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