Happy New Year 2021!

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Thursday, Jan 28
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Aline Tang

As people persevered and welcomed the changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, a daunting and historical year has passed. Resync was not an exception to adapt to the new norm, optimising remote events and to work collaboratively towards the world’s eco-friendly energy development.

To kickstart a brand new 2021, please allow us to bring you through our 2020! Without your immense support, we would not have been where we are now!  

Remote Installations

Resync is working towards providing quick and easy solutions by using devices and technologies which can be remotely installed by everyone and anyone in the world to provide increased productivity and efficiency in every household and buildings. Find out how we do it!

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Company Video

Resync welcomes businesses and consumers who wish to find out more about energy-saving solutions. If you wish to have a career which is closely knitted to energy-saving technologies, we want you in our family too!

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Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring

We have recently introduced a new promising method to monitor energy consumption across various appliances in households and buildings. Read on to understand how this can help with saving on your electricity bills!

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Have you wondered how Covid-19 has impacted the energy usage in Singapore for the past year? With accurate statistics, understand the energy consumption Pre Covid-19 and during Covid-19.

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Circuit Breaker

It has indeed broken the norm in the past years. Compared to pre-Circuit Breaker, electrical demand has significantly decreased, due to mandatory pause of industries operations and businesses winding up.

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Smart Plugs

Gone are the days where you forget to turn off appliances and receive electricity bills which cost a bomb every month! Let this simple device help you prevent energy over-consumption!

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We are absolutely honoured to announce that Resync is one of the 5 projects to have been awarded the EMA-ESG Joint Grant. We are now part of a group of companies that puts technology theories into practical usage in the market!

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Resync came in 1st in Seedstars’ local competition! Let co-founder, Emir share about the purpose behind this startup company and the impacts he wishes to make in the energy industry.

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EcoLabs Award

Resync has won the EcoLabs Special Award at PowerACE 2020 to further show its commitment to build a robust and sustainable energy ecosystem in Singapore. We will continue to introduce more innovative solutions to benefit the energy industries and household individuals in Singapore.

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BloombergNEF Feature

Resync is featured on the monthly publication of reviews on recent projects, partnerships, product launches, policy and fundraising. Be updated with the recent news and many more information regarding digital technologies and the energy industries.

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Summation Award for Mentor

Dr. Jayantika Soni was nominated for the Best Mentor Award at the New Frontier: Deep Tech Opportunities and Jobs organised by SGInnovate in September 2020. Resync is proud to have Dr. Jayantika Soni led the team and passed valuable knowledge to the next generation.

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Events and Awards in 2020: 


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